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robots for flexible automation


about the robots

Rainbow Robotics' RB Series is a collaborative robot that works alongside workers. Built in Korea, the payloads range from 3-18. There are various reach offerings from 850-1300mm in addition to a built-in pneumatics option. The advantage of Rainbow Robotics is the flexibility in the range of operations it can perform; packaging, assembling, glueing, pick and placing, welding, laser marking, 3D scanning, and machine tending.

key features

The RB Series Cobot has the ability to secure high performance levels and price competitiveness by internalizing the production of its core components.

These in-house components developed by Rainbow Robotics include:

  • actuators

  • encoders

  • brakes

  • controllers

The RB Series can provide high-driving speeds, precise controls, and braking performance without instability or play in the braking system. Additionally, building parts in house allows for greater cost competitiveness and control over their supply chain.

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breakthrough technologies

Rainbow Robotics previously constructed high-end telescope mounts. Using the knowledge and parts from these, they incorporated it into their collaborative robot line. The high-precision control technology allows for precise tracking and repeatability. This advanced technology is unique and used in the RB series.

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