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What is Pad Printing?

Do you ever wonder how a company printed on a part? For example, how does a company print on golf balls?

not a pad printer
Sadly, this doesn't print on golf balls

To print on something like a golf ball, you need a pad printer. A pad printer, in simplest terms, takes a two-dimensional image and places it on a three-dimensional surface. The image is etched, either by acid or laser, into a plate, typically steel or polymer. An ink cup slides over the plate and floods the etched image with ink. A pad, normally made of blends of silicone, picks up the ink image from the plate and places it on the end object, like a golf ball.

Pad Printer Gif
Diversified Printing Techniques Pad Printer Working (blurred image and print to protect end customer)

This seems easy

With an experienced partner, like Diversified Printing Techniques, it is! With our close to 40 years of experience, figuring out the inks that stick, the pads that conform, the fixture that holds, and the pre/post treatment systems that works for your part is something we pride ourselves on. We even have the capabilities to create automated systems, creating more consistent prints while reducing human touches and saving money in the long-run.



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