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Pad Printing Tooling

Creating the right fixture for the product is essential to getting the best print at the right speed. With over 35 years of experience crafting fixtures, we are confident we can create a great fixture for your product.

There are 4 categories of fixtures: mechanical, static, rotating, & vacuum.



These types of fixtures typically lock the product in with a mechanism


These fixtures typically are form fitting to the part. The obvious goal is to have the part smoothly and quickly be put in place.


For more complex prints and, commonly, prints on multiple sides a rotating fixture works best. These can manipulate the part between prints if necessary.


Vacuum fixtures pull the part to a designated position. This can be useful for parts that easily could roll or printing in a unique space.

For more advanced tooling prototypes, we utilize
on-site 3D printers to create an extremely accurate model
Pad Printing Fixture
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