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How to be Consistent in Printing

An essential part to the pad printing processes ability to replicate good prints day-to-day is the viscosity of the ink. Getting the ink just right for your print can be a difficult process. Keeping that same ink throughout multiple prints can be even more so. Diversified offers a solution to both. To make sure the ink is the correct viscosity we offer the KSVT Plus (below) to make sure your ink is always made correctly. More unique is our AVC, Automatic Viscosity Controller, a smart device which interacts with the pad printer to control the viscosity of the ink cup as it prints. It ensures color shade accuracy, reduces machine down time, removes operator's role in solvent upkeep, and lengthens cup life.

Monitors the correct ink viscosity consistently through out production. Our KSVT Plus has a LCD read-out screen attached to the front for accurate measurements. Additionally, the machine has a built-in ink mixing mode and a 9 color shade memory for easy selection.


Ink Viscosity Comparator

This smart device controls the ink viscosity every minute during the shift. It cuts out operator errors and slowdowns, while also ensuring consistent prints

Automatic Viscosity Control

Automatic Viscocity Controller Pad Printing

Find the Literature and more info on our Downloadable files page

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