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Pad Printing & Screen Printing Supplies

We are proud to offer US & European manufactured inks for all pad printing & screen printing applications. No matter the adhesion, color, and compliance challenges you face for your product we are here to help. Our state of the art lab allows us to test our multiple product offerings to make the best recommendation for you.

Pad Printing Image Draw

Essential to any pad printers are the actual pads. Diversified Printing is home to a large assortment of pads. Knowing the right size, material, and placement of the pad is crucial to a good print.

If you need etched plates or just the plate material, Diversified can easily supply both. Additionally, Diversified is able to provide laser etching machines.

Our screen department is capable of handling your screen making needs no matter the size.  We can hand stretch custom frames, and produce large quantities of production frames.  From film to finish we have your needs covered. 

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