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Solving Tomorrow's Printing Problems Today

Who We Are

Since 1983

At Diversified Printing Techniques, we have worked collaboratively with our clients to uncover the most effective & efficient way to achieve their marking & decorating needs.

Designing solutions for complex pad printing projects is a passion of ours. That's why automation has become a pillar of our continued growth. Reducing labor costs and increasing print consistency allows our customers to focus on other aspects of their business.

Speed, repeatability, and print quality are important to our customers, and that's why our machines come packed with features including: 

  • Tape clean

  • Ink Viscosity Controls

  • Plates, Pads, & Tooling with Dead-on Technology​ ​

Industrial screen print equipment & supplies for flat and round applications. 

Our team works with you to select the optimal printing plates, inks, & pads for your job. Our experienced staff produce the best supplies for your marking or decorating application.


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