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Printing Equipment

Creating the right fixture for the product is essential to getting the best print at the right speed. With over 35 years of experience crafting fixtures, we are confident we can create a great fixture for your product.

Pad Printing Fixture

Today's materials are getting more complex and may require

pre-treatment to prepare the surface.  This allows the material to change temporarily for ink to stick to the material long term.  Our team is capable of reviewing the need for pre-treatment with you to find the best solutions for you project. 

Corona Pre Treatment Pad Printer

An essential aspect of keeping prints consistent

Ink Viscocity Tester Pad Printing

Diversified Printing specializes in plate making on photopolymer, laser, thin-steel and thick-steel printing plates. In addition to providing the plates engraved, we also provide our customers with the ability to buy the material and machine required to engrave for themselves. With this type of flexibility, Diversified has been able to cater precisely to customer needs.

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