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Pad Printing pads

2d pad image attempt.png


Diversified Printing has developed hundreds of pad shapes in varying sizes. With all this expertise and knowledge, we likely have a pad ready for your application. If not, we have the ability to quickly create one that works for you.
Pads are classified into two broad categories: Cone & V-shape


3 Rubber Systems all with standard durometers:

   1. Wearing a burgundy-like color, the "Standard" Platinum Rubber System has been used in the pad printing industry for over 40 years. Optional customer-specific durometers available upon request. 

   2. "Tin" Rubber System, blue in color, specialize in having better chemical resistance and in printing with harsh blending solvents. Optional customer-specific durometers available upon request. 

   3. The "Anti-Static" Platinum Rubber System was created to print on products that tend to have a static charge. This system only comes in 4 durometers: 15, 20, 30, 40.


The Pad is attached to the printer through the mounting. This can be done multiple ways from a simple wood screw to a custom metal base. Mounting is important because it places the pad in the same position, eliminating the frustration that can occur during job changeovers.

pad printer 3D render
pad 1 steel.png
pad 2 cut.png

Find our Pad Catalog HERE
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