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A Solution to High Volume Bottlenecks

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Budget and needs do not always meet. This is where our experienced and creative team becomes so valuable. We have a customer that needed to produce high volumes of a particular part. We offered them a feeder bowl system, which would have had very low costs on labor, but the cost of the feeding system was a bit overwhelming. We developed an in-feed conveyor system that allowed them to bulk feed the system with an operator.

This kept the operator from being the bottleneck because they were not involved in each cycle. The conveyor fed a pick and place which would pick up multiple parts each cycle. The pick and place fed the parts to a holding fixture on a four position mechanical indexer. The parts would then index around the table where they would be printed by an Alien-130. After the parts had been printed, they were ejected from the index table to an output conveyor.

By printing multiple parts in each fixture, we were able to produce over 2,000 parts per hour. The customer has been running production with great results and will be more capable to flex with future design changes by not being locked into a feeder bowl. This customer is also very pleased with the quality and ease of change out provided with the G-cup and engraved laser plates.

Diversified Printing Techniques specializes in the design, construction and support of standard and automated product decorating solutions. Not all solutions are simple; some require the creative application of auxiliary technologies. Our staff of experts is adept at providing results that are innovative, value based and efficient.


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