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Why We Love The Amazing G-Turbo 350

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Kent’s global teams of engineers work together to aggressively design new technology in pad printing. This technology is designed to enhance your success.

The advances in the G-Turbo350 make it simpler to work with your pad printing machine while utilizing state of the art components and technology. By using raw materials like granite and servo motors instead of cylinders, this equipment has a very low impact to our environment. The G-Turbo 350 is an amazingly versatile machine, which allows complex jobs to be completed with ease.

The G-Turbo 350’s two independent 50mm pad up and down cylinders make it an extremely versatile machine. Set up and operation is a breeze with the PLC control and user friendly touch screen. Clean up couldn’t be easier with the two 125mm (or 130mm) G-cups, and combined with the Kent dead-on plate registration system, artwork changeovers can be done in minutes. The G-Turbo-350 has a servo drive for the pad in out, giving you the ability to print multiple positions. Combined with the servo drive product shuttle, the options seem endless.

There are two versions of the Turbo-350: the economy version and the green version.

The major difference is that the economy version does not have a servo on the pads. Both machines have 130mm G-cups, and both use Kent’s dead on plate system, making changeovers quick and easy. Also, both machines utilize a 130mm tape clean, giving you the best print quality every cycle.


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