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Perfecting Large Bold Area Printing

Printing a large bold area can be tricky if appropriate steps are not taken. It is not uncommon to see a blemish or missing ink in the middle of the print. This can be the result of a couple of factors. The first is the position of the tip or apex of the transfer pad. Be sure that this is placed adjacent to, but not in the image itself. A second variable is the potential of the doctor blade or ring dipping into the image during the doctoring cycle.

To counter this, a screen (dots) may be added to support the blade or ring. The amount of dots added are subject to the type of cliché material used. Thick steel cliches are limited to 150 dpi while alcohol and water wash cliches can use a range up to 300dpi. The actual dot screened used is dependent on the application.

For more information on perfecting your large area print projects, or for additional assistance with your pad and screen printing projects, give us a call!


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